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The Hoarding Song

I should have composed music for my bachelor project (which I am slightly panicking over), but instead I wrote a song about Hoarders. It seemed like a much more fun thing to do.

And so, was I ever lost?

I'm still here! And for the first time in months I'm actually in a fandom mood.

Fandom, for me, has turned into that guy that you used to date years ago, and you think you're over him, but then you hear a song that reminds you of him and you think: "Maybe I should call him?" And then you do, and then you're getting back together and suddenly you remember why you didn't work out in the first place and so you break up again. And then you hear a song and the circle continues.

But first, one question: To those of you who use Delicious, how are you coping with the recent changes? Because it seems to me to be pretty useless now. Which makes me kind of upset because I have hundreds of fanfic recs at that site and to navigate through them now is ridiculously hard. I'm trying out Diigo, but it's just kind of...ugly. And I don't like the thought of having to make an effort to find fics... I think I'm out of fandom practice.

In other news I might the only person alive who were disappointed when they canceled The Playboy Club. It had Sean Maher (who came out because of the series) and Leah Renee in the best lavender marriage ever. What more can you possibly ask for? I wish they would just make a spin-off all about them and the Mattachine Society. It would be like Mad Men, only with characters I actually like. Don Draper might be handsome, but he is also a douchebag.

I might also do NaNoWriMo again this year. Because apparently I am a masochist.

And last, but not least: Just to prove that I've actually done something with my time since I've disappeared from LiveJournal, here's one of my own songs, that I am actually pretty damned proud of. The track was actually recorded during my composition exam (oh god, arranging music for seven people takes forever, by the way). I would love to hear what you guys think about it. :)

A Glorious Tragedy


220711 - Thoughts and tears

I'm guessing that most of you have heard what happened one week ago in Norway (and if not you can get caught up here).

I'm ok and my family is also ok. But my brother is a member of the Labour Youth Party and he had been talking about going to Utøya. But since his best friends didn't go he decided against it. And thank god for that, because only the thought of him being there makes me want to throw up.

What has been amazing in the aftermath of all this is how Norway has pulled through the tragedy with love and warmth, instead of wishing for revenge. It's not even been a question. Since his first comment our PM said: "We shall meet this attack with more democracy and more openness". And I think it shows.

I'm also thankful for that I was at home when it happened. I can't imagine how it would have felt if I was stuck in Copenhagen. When you're so confused, so scared and so angry as I was that Friday it's good to have parents to be with and to be there for my siblings.

But the memory that is the most difficult for me to think back at is when my mother woke me up Saturday morning, telling me that the death toll was at 80, not 10. As long as I live I will not forget that.

But the courage of those who survived makes me believe that no matter what evil is thrust upon someone you can always overcome it. If these are the kids that one day will lead Norway I will be happy and proud to move back some day.

And to those who died: We love you and miss you. Hvil i fred. ♥


It's spring and life is good

I haven't written anything in forever and a half, so I figured that it probably was time for a new entry, just to show that I'm still alive!

It's strange because once you've drifted out of updating regularly it is really hard to go back to it. But here I am, trying it after all. Because when you've been on LJ since for almost seven years (which makes me feel ridiculously old) it sort of becomes a part of you.

So what has been going on?Collapse )

So yes, things are lovely and I'm back. Sort of. And if it takes me half a year to make another post it's just because everything is actually pretty nice out in the real world. ♥

By the way, if any of you lovely people on my flist want to join me on Facebook I would be delighted to add you! Because I'm terrible at keeping up with people's LJs these days, but you're all still in my heart! Just send me a PM and we'll figure it out. :)

Same procedure as every year, James

I have lost my mind and have once again signed up for NaNoWriMo (because apparently I'm not busy enough...). NaNo is kind of like an addiction, if you've done it once you have to keep doing it. I noticed that some of you are doing it as well this year, so feel free to add me as your writing buddy. My profile is here.

My story this year is probably going to revolve around a pilot who crash lands in the middle of nowhere and tries to find her way back home. And from there shenanigans happen, of course. I think it'll be fun! :)

To November and beyond!


3rd day of music: I think it's time

30 days of music

day 3 | A song that makes you happy: Jude - Everything's alright

There have been so many times when I've been walking outside, smiling to myself while listening to this song. It makes me want to dance. :)


Some things are melting now

This was supposed to be a completely different sort of post, but instead there's something I have to get off my chest. I've been looking through a lot of the videos from the It gets better project and it started off a lot of thinking in me.

I'm sure you've heard that six young boys, who due to being bullied because they were gay (or were assumed to be so) have in the last weeks/months committed suicide. These boys were younger than me, younger than my little sister. This cannot happen. I refuse to let it happen.

I come from a little town in the middle of the Norwegian bible beltCollapse )

Living is easy with eyes closed, but goodness knows that life is so much better when they're open. Don't close your eyes to the kids who are struggling. Maybe your attention can help save someone from going down.


30 days of music

day 2 | Your least favourite song: Aaron Carter - Surfin' USA

No, but seriously though. What kind of question is that? It's certainly not helping to spread the joy of music.

However, the reason why Aaron Carter got the dubious honour is that his version of Surfin' USA was so bad that even I, who was convinced that we would get married when we grew up, could not listen to this awful mess more than once. I never bought the single and I think we broke up there and then. It was for the best.

I still get kind of nostalgic though (and creeped out) every time I remember this song. Oh Aaron...


1 day of music: "All yours, Babooshka"

I realised that I was getting kind of grown-up today when I looked around my apartment and discovered that the thing I can't live without is my vacuum-cleaner. Someone send help!

In order to cure my LJ avoidance tendencies I'm going to start the 30 day music meme! Because when you are a lazy poster, like I've turned into, memes are ideal.

30 days of music

day 1 | Your favourite song: Kate Bush - Babooshka

It's kind of hard choosing a favourite song, because it changes all the time, but this song is one that I recently rediscovered. Most people who know me knows that Kate Bush is my hero in every way and most would probably think it was weird that I love this song so much, since it is one of her more mainstream songs. But that's the beauty of it. It is one hell of a pop song. It's catchy, with a fantastic story. And you can hear on repeat and never tire of it, which is the most important thing with a favourite song. This song started my love for Kate Bush's music and for that it'll always have a special place in my heart.


Well, look at that! I'm still here! And to be quite honest, the fact that I haven't been around that much is actually a good thing. I can't really remember the last time I've been this happy with my life. It just feels like suddenly it's all falling into place and words can't describe how amazing that is.

Since I last wrote I've been to Iceland and it was AMAZING! If you ever get the money and the time then go! It's so extremely beautiful and it's kind of like you've landed on another planet. Hot springs are my new favourite thing, even if they smell of eggs, due to the hydrogen sulfide. And the Blue Lagoon is heaven on earth! And the concerts went great and we got to feel like we were famous for a week, which was nice. IKI is general moving at a pace that gets kind of overwhelming at times. It's going so incredibly well that sometimes I can't believe I'm actually a part of it!

Now I'm back in Copenhagen, back at school, which is also surprisingly nice actually, even though I've been really, really negative to every single thing. But that just means that you can only be pleasantly surprised! And I have been pleasantly surprised most of the time! Even the romantic things in life are going well, which is entirely new to me and scares me as much as it thrills me. But he is lovely and I really like him. :)

But how are you all doing?


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